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We know how hard it is to find people who genuinely care. So we’ve made it our business to find them at no cost to you.

Home Care Careers has been designed for providers in Victoria and Tasmania to help you find and connect with passionate and talented individuals. We’ll support you to source individuals who meet your requirements.

Home Care Careers is your end-to-end recruitment solution that will simplify and shorten your hiring process. Best of all – it’s fully funded by the Australian Government.

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Providers located in Victoria and Tasmania are eligible for complementary use of our professional development products and services to increase staff capabilities and retention.  

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The Home Care Careers Portal

Our home care careers portal will help you connect with the right candidates.

The right fit, first time

Access talent pools of registered candidates with screening tools to simplify your recruitment process, and make sure you find the right candidate straight up.

An extension of your team

Our team of home care career specialists are out recruiting so you don’t have to. They will work with you to understand your requirements.

Address skills gaps

Our Home Care Career specialists will work with you and your talent to arrange training where skills gaps exist. We will research funding options to reduce costs.

Maximise longevity

We know that retention can often be at the top of the list for workforce concerns. The Home Care Career Program will support retention through coaching and mentoring of your chosen candidates.

A greater level of support

Home care providers can expect a greater level of support on the engagement and retention of their workforce. Our team is here to support you at each step.

Zero cost recruitment

The Home Care Careers program is proudly brought to you by Aged & Community Care Providers Association, the Human Services Skills Organisation and PowerHouse Hub, and is fully funded by the Australian Government as part of the Home Care Workforce Support Program.

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