Personal Care Workers

Become a personal care worker today. Apply your empathy and everyday skills to empower individuals to lead lives filled with independence, respect and dignity.

Personal care worker

Job duties

Personal care workers help people with practical, everyday tasks, ranging from emotional support, grocery shopping, cooking meals, catching public transport, attending appointments, personal hygiene or helping them participate in sport. You may work with other medical and care professionals to carry out work under care plans.

Typically, a person’s goals will be set out in a plan, and it will be the support workers’ role to help the person reach those goals.

As a personal care worker, you can expect to undertake tasks like:

  • Monitoring and communicating client condition

  • Transportation

  • House cleaning and other domestic duties like providing meals

  • Coordinating health programs and other wellness related activities

  • Assisting with overall client care and personal hygiene

Personal care worker

Is a career in personal
care right for you?

People who really excel in roles as personal care workers have big hearts and are looking for hands-on work that offers variety. They aren’t just driven to become experts in their field – they’re also great at communicating with others to help motivate them through difficult situations.

They are usually hands on in their support for others and work with them to implement a treatment plan that will improve their circumstances.

Qualities of a personal care worker

To be a personal care worker you will need:

  • Critical thinking skills

  • Monitoring and social perceptiveness

  • Active listening and communication skills

  • Effective time management skills

  • Ability to follow direction but also show initiative

  • Administration and attention to detail

We also know that certain types of people are really well suited to the role.  If you have any or all of the following, a career in personal care might be for you:

  • Positive attitude and energy

  • Growth mindset, looking to take on challenges and increase their own abilities

  • Compassionate, and have passion for the sector, empathetic and dedicated

  • Passion for helping people

  • Respectful, honest, strong moral principles

  • Supportive and encouraging towards others

  • Rapport and relationship-building skills


Home care support worker

“Meeting different people from all walks of life, building client relationships, and helping clients with a wide variety of tasks are what drew me to home care”


Credentials, training, and certifications

To work as a personal care worker in home care there are a few basic requirements.

Drivers License

You need to have a Drivers Licence and access to a vehicle

First Aid Certificate

You must have an up to date First Aid Certificate


You are required to be up to date with vaccinations including Flu and COVID-19

To pursue a career as personal care worker, you should also complete or have completed a Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015). If you don’t have one of these just yet, don’t worry. Our Home Care Career specialists can work with you to find funded training.

There’s such a demand for enthusiastic workers who are ready to learn, if you show up with a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, you can create an extraordinary career.

Are you ready for a career as a personal care worker?

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